Osteopathic Manual Therapy: Through the Life Span

On the Job

Corporations and other institutions are discovering that Osteopathic Manual Therapy programs for employees pay off. Job stress has been identified as a serious health care issue that relates to decreased productivity, decrease job satisfaction, increased work related injury, errors and absenteeism.

Thunder Bay Osteopathy

Stress, Depression, and Immunity

Osteopathic Manual Therapy studies have shown positive results in boosting the body’s own natural cellular immune response, and decreasing pain. These beneficial results are proving helpful for people with critical illnesses or day to day stressors.


Athletes, coaches, and professional trainers use Osteopathic Manual Therapy. Osteopathy can assist in maintaining proper alignment and balance within the athlete’s body. It can help to prevent injuries and correct current issues. Osteopathy’s “global” approach to treatment allows the athlete and practitioner to treat the entire structure, and not just “chase the pain”.

Pregnancy and Childbirth

Receiving Osteopathic Manual therapy is safe and beneficial during most pregnancies. Many women enjoy the skilled care of a therapist to help to alleviate back, hip, neck, shoulder, and edema associated with changes in the body during pregnancy.